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Education is a key to success. We at Lets Nurture believe in spreading happiness to  needy people who wants to learn something. Our vision is very simple to endow the essential needs for the education of the needy children who are actually willing to gain knowledge but could not due to lack of basic necessity. Keeping alive this charity event, Team Lets Nurture decided to convey the event this year also. Fundamental thing to gain knowledge is to have Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser , Book and Inspiration. We can build better future if we can bring more education awareness in society.

I personally want to thank few friends  Chirag Prajapati and Dipali Thakkar. They both really helped a ton with their full dedication. We would also like to thank both Chintan Gurjar and Nixit Patel for joining the charity and helping us spreading the joy to the children. And I can not forget to thank TEAM LETSNURTURE, without team letsnurture it would not have possible.

Before describing much about event I want to remember few names like Amit Panchal, Soham Jain, Khushbu Lalani, Kapil Jain, Miteshbhai Sanghavi, Chetan Bhimani, Vishal Raval, Mittal Raval, Nirav Patel ,Tapan Patel, Harendrasing Rajput and  few other donors who want to keep their name anonymous.

Finally it was the day and Team Lets Nurture gathered all the things and was ready for making difference with One Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser & Book. We packed up all the things and left the office at 12 PM and went to our first place named “Helpline Education” near Pragatinagar, This Trust  is providing school + shelter for 42 underprivileged children. Kids were very happy to see us and it was really warm welcome. We played some quiz contest with kids to know that how hard they are learning. We all felt the joy of giving. After that place we went to Ghatlodiya Municipal School, where total 600 students are studying at present. Team Lets Nurture was there and waiting for the recess time to start the donation to those innocent children. We decided to make different groups and spread out in the different classrooms so that it can be easy to complete this social cause quick and in a better way.

At the time when we were endowing the pencil, sharpener, eraser and books, one of our team members Manan Patel (Our Un (official) Photographer) was seriously busy taking the photographs of the students and our team members. All the team members coordinated the whole task with their skills and the second place for the charity was about to complete. We spent some heart touching time with those children and played some games and talked with them. We were very happy to get the answers about some difficult question that we asked to those students.

Leaving that place we were on the third and the last place for our social cause, it was Ghatlodiya Municipal School No. 2, where there were two classrooms full of cute and sharp children. As like before, we distributed stationary and spent some quality time with future of India. We enjoyed a lot with them as we asked and talked many things with them.

We have initiated something that can make some difference to our country and the education society and we need your help to make this bigger.

If you think we are doing it properly or you have any suggestion then kindly review us for our initiative. You can support Lets Nurture Org if you want to make some difference with us.

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