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Updates on collection : We have received and collected some clothes for the event described below already! Thanks to the contributors so far.. Please keep them coming, please help us in spreading the word.. please share this post as much as you can ! Thank you!

boy securing a blanket at such a camp for winter

As the winter is approaching soon, after the success of the very first event in distributing stationery items for kids check out pics of event, this time we are organizing an event to collect and distribute blankets/warm clothes/ food, etc. to the underprivileged people on the streets of Ahmedabad.  It is of no surprise to us, that there are people in need of these basic necessities of keeping themselves warm in winter. Let’s once again join forces and contribute as much/little as we can and help people to have warmth this winter!

The distribution of clothes etc. would take place on Sunday, 23 December 2012. Before this day, we want to gather as many resources/ garments as possible from you people. So if you have unused/ old stuff that you want to get rid of, please contact us and we would come to you and collect the stuff from you. Please call Ketan Raval on + 91 90996 05091.

Apart from this, if you think you can offer any manpower in volunteering any sort of work for the same good cause, please get in touch with Ketan. We need more helping hands… the More the Merrier!

We are open to any kind of suggestions, if you have any. Please feel free to approach for any queries you have. Let’s make it happen once again. Thank you!

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