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Yesterday I was watching one programme on Discover Channel. I can not recall name of programme, but bone of contention to write a post on this programme is what an idiotic thing we are doing as a so-called most intelligent creature of this world. 

Use of Rice in Alcoholic Beverages

Rice-Food-india-AmericaAccording to Word hunger Stats .. there were 925 million hungry people in 2010. According to that Programme USA uses around 10-15% of its Rice Production to make beer. ( which is around 1-2 million ton rice) . Can you imagine what we are doing? We are wasting Rice to get wasted and on the other hand people are suffering from various diseases because of malnutrition.

Rice Farm Productivity Issue in India

India is one of the country where Rice Farm Productivity should increase now. Only because of Flood India / Bangladesh are loosing almost 40 Million Ton Rice. Rice plants can not survive more than 2 days underwater. During flood it is very normal.( This is why proper infrastructure is very important for any country for better development)

People has to accept Change

One Scientist took this issue and produced a breed of rice which taste equally good and it plant also last almost 7-10 days under water in flood condition. But conservative mindeset of India/Bangladesh farmers, they are not yet considering this as an option. Because people do not like new hybrid seeds. Sometime we need to be open for a good change. Progress or Real Development always happen if we open up our mindset toward rightness.

Stats from Wiki

While writing this post I was reading something about rice productivity issue.. and in Wiki it is mentioned that

The rice farm productivity in India were about 45% of the rice farm productivity in China, and about 60% of the rice farm productivity in Indonesia. If India could adopt the farming knowledge and technology in use in China and Indonesia, India could produce an additional 100 million tonnes of rice, enough staple food for about 400 million people every year, and US$50 billion in additional annual income to its rice farmers (adjusted to 2010 dollars and global rice prices per tonne)

 Comparison to IT vs Agriculture 

 I am just comparing IT vs Agriculture to help my IT Friends to realise how serious this matter is.. US$50 Billion additional annual income only from India.. guys.. Cloud computing business will reach to US $100 Billion Industry in 2015. Mind it rice numbers are derived from 2010 numbers. 

I can still remember there was a website which I used to use before 6-7 years ago.. where if you spell a correct word, 10 grains of rice will go to needy people… I was so mesmerized by this idea that this website is still close to my heart.

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