Posted by Ketan Raval | Education

We are very unorganised non profit organisation.. in fact we are still in gestation…  Last Week Mr. Sanjay Basantani came in my office and told us he found us from internet and he thought this is right organization who are doing everything with right intentions. This is was really a motivating moment for us.

He mentioned couple of things which really important

No Contact Details on Website?

he said that there is not any contact detail on website. And he was trying to call me before he ran into office. ( Very True, we may have to add numbers very soon) And he requested to post pictures from past events. That was also right thing to ask for. After this incident I think it is better not to put contact number and put only Physical Address by this way people will come , visit and share their ideas with us.

No Picture abou Past Events

He also told us that he was not able to find pictures of past events,though we have all pictures on our Facebook Event Page about stationary donation in Ahmedabad and on Google Plus as well. I am Posting some images here as well.

We are currently active in Ahmedabad.  One of Our  hard social work has been telecasted on VTV Gujrati.

Our Next Event is Old Cloth Donation to Needy People for Surviving in this Winter 

Thanks to Mr. Sanjay.. for his 2 Bags full of Clothes.. We have almost received 5-7 Bags of Clothes. And we think we will get a lot more..