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It has rightly been said that No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. We just throw away our old clothes, just because they become a little bit outdated for us or our taste keeps on changing. It is also seen several times that people just throw them at some corner of their house to gather dust and leave them to occupy space in your house. Instead of all this, we should think that these old clothes could help somebody in need. We can also contribute in making their festive season more colourful, joyful and full of brightness.

Donating clothes: A noble work to feel great and self-satisfied

It is a quite simple fact that if you haven’t worn your clothes for six months or a year, then it’s time to let it go. But instead of throwing them away or just accumulate them in some corner of your house for no reasons donate them to the needy and poor. Doing this will make you feel good and self-satisfied because you are doing something for a worthy cause.

LetsNurture: Lighting-up the lives of poor children on Diwali by donating clothes

Let’s Nurture has distributed tons of clothes in the last 5 years in Ahmedabad and we are committed to doing the noble deeds to underprivileged or need as long as we keep on receiving. Professionally, where Le’s Nurture provides mobile solutions leveraging custom mobile app development, web app development, IoT Solutions to boost-up the businesses, we also try to do our best for the human who actually needs something other than the technology itself- that includes clothes, blankets, books, educational services, medicines and food.

Clothe Donors: Celebrating pollution-free charitable Diwali

Thankyou just seems to be a very small word to our generous donors. They don’t help us in donating more and more but also help to see the brighter aspect of donation campaigns.

We believe in nurturing the future of individuals and would be glad if you want to to share your contribution. Please contact us at  if you are an individual that thrives for the prosperity of these people like we do. Please contact us for any other information you may need. We would be happy to help you.