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How many times have you thrown away something that was fully functional, just because it was a little old for your taste or because it was of no use to you anymore? The answer is probably ‘several times’.

From toys to old gadgets to furniture, we have rid of them at throwaway prices or for free most of the times. It is also a possibility that we may have left them unused to gather dust in some corner of the house. Whilst some of those things could have helped somebody in need, we simply do not know how to reach them.

Kindness is the Greatest Gift Humans are Offered by the Almighty

We, humans, are given TWO hands by the almighty. One to help ourselves, the Second one to help the others.

Known for the knack to help needy people through CSR activity, Let’s Nurture Infotech has been putting the best efforts ever since its existence. Being known as the top custom mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, India; Let’s Nurture also had a plan to start the year of 2019 with something similar. Hence, we decided to celebrate the new year by arranging a CSR activity to bring smiles on the faces of people who are actually in need.

Clothes Donation Activity in Ahmedabad

The best thing about this CSR activity was that even the CEO also joined to this event filled with good deeds. Many employees from various departments like iOS app development, Android app development, PHP development, IoT app development along with Project Managers gathered for what meant to be an important event as always. This is what DNA of Let’s Nurture is all about despite being and IT offshore development center.

We explored the areas around of Zydus hospital, Science City, Chanakyapuri where we got in touch with right people who needed something good to wear in chilly winters. And we all know how long and cold this year’s winter was!

Being a leading IT outsourcing company in Ahmedabad, Let’s Nurture also have been the first in the queue for nurturing lives of the most needy people with an aim to improve and enhance the lives of humans. This is the beauty of giving and something that everyone should follow. The satisfaction you receive by giving has no measurement and while you give, you receive more- the unconditional blessings! The warmth in the smile and hope in the eyes is always noticeable. There is always  unexplained happiness and emotions both at a same place.

Clothes Donors: Thanking You is just not Enough

We are thankful to all over donors and hope to see more of it.