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We never think about impact we are making when we buy our clothing. We simply buy because of our priced possession. Why it is important to live sustainable lifestyle?

Let’s checkout some numbers.

2 Billion T-shirts are sold every year in the world. Worldwide 25 Million Tons Cotton is used for clothing. Which take 2.5% of agriculture land of the whole world. In USA 4.1 Billions worth of pesticides are used yearly , 25% is used for Cotton Industry Canada report says average Canadian spends $2450 on clothing.

Clothes Impact on Drinking Water

There is only 3% water on earth is drinkable. Out of that 0.3% As per the numbers from World wide energy fund 151 litre water is required for Each Load of Laundry & Drying takes 5 times more energy.

2700 litre water is required approximately to make 1 cotton T-shirt. 2700 litre is a 900 supply of drinking water for one person.

20 billion lbs ( 0.4 kg) of clothes dumped into Landfills in USA every year which is like 70 lbs ( 0.4 kg) per person. 1 in 10 clothes get bought & never used.

It clearly indicates why we need to change &

But what change we can bring ?

At Let’s Nurture we have distributed tons of clothes in last 5 years in Ahmedabad & we are committed to keep donating clothes , shoes & other life surviving material to under privileged as long as we keep receiving.