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“Charity begins at home, but it must not end there only.”

Being a leading IT outsourcing company in Ahmedabad, Let’s Nurture also have been the first in the queue for nurturing lives of the most needy people with an aim to improve and enhance the lives of humans. Every month we perform our best efforts out of the office to try and collect the goodies and donate them to the people in need.

At Let’s Nurture, we always believe that the real happiness lies somewhere if you make the others smile or overcome their needs according to your potential. No money can buy you the feeling you get when you help people and make them smile. On a professional side, where Let’s Nurture provides mobile solutions leveraging custom mobile app development, web development and design and IoT solutions to enhance businesses and easing up woes of humanity, we also are trying to do our best for the human who actually need something other than the technology itself- that includes clothes, blankets, books, educational services, medicines, games and toys for children and food.

Munificent February with Exceptional Donors

Let’s Nurture is so honoured and thankful to have received calls from multiple donors in the month of February 2018. Ms. Jigisha Desai, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Shashikanth, Mr. Milan Savaliya, Mr. Ravindra Beniwal, Ms. Purvi Parikh, Mr, Himanshu Parikh, Mr. Rahul Kumar, Ms. Prachi Thakkar and Mr. Kushal Mehta are the noticeable donors turned to angels for us and many.

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.

We collected multiple items and have donated them to rural areas. Some of them donated clothes especially for men, whereas others donated specifically for women. Mr. Kushal Mehta donated clothes of men, women and children along with some toys and games.

Time to say Thank You to the Donors- Your support is all we need

The generous donors had donated us clothes and many more things to foster the basic necessity of the poor and thanked us for saying that it is an extremely good deed that we are doing. It has always been a whisk experience to see the smiles on the faces of the underprivileged people. This noble gesture of our donors not only helps us in donating more but also helps us to see the brighter aspect of donation campaigns. We felt privileged to have our generous donors visiting our office, especially for the giveaway.

We believe in nurturing the future of individuals and would be glad if you want to to share your contribution. Please contact us at if you are an individual that thrives for prosperity of these people like we do. Please contact us for any other information you may need. We would be happy to help you.