“Charity begins at home, but it must not end there only.”

Being a leading IT outsourcing company in Ahmedabad, Let’s Nurture also have been the first in the queue for nurturing lives of the most needy people with an aim to improve and enhance the lives of humans. Every month we perform our best efforts out of the office to try and collect the goodies and donate them to the people in need.

At Let’s Nurture, we always believe that the real happiness lies somewhere if you make the others smile or overcome their needs according to your potential. No money can buy you the feeling you get when you help people and make them smile. On a professional side, where Let’s Nurture provides mobile solutions leveraging custom mobile app development, web development and design and IoT solutions to enhance businesses and easing up woes of humanity, we also are trying to do our best for the human who actually need something other than the technology itself- that includes clothes, blankets, books, educational services, medicines, games and toys for children and food.

Munificent February with Exceptional Donors

Let’s Nurture is so honoured and thankful to have received calls from multiple donors in the month of February 2018. Ms. Jigisha Desai, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Shashikanth, Mr. Milan Savaliya, Mr. Ravindra Beniwal, Ms. Purvi Parikh, Mr, Himanshu Parikh, Mr. Rahul Kumar, Ms. Prachi Thakkar and Mr. Kushal Mehta are the noticeable donors turned to angels for us and many.

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.

We collected multiple items and have donated them to rural areas. Some of them donated clothes especially for men, whereas others donated specifically for women. Mr. Kushal Mehta donated clothes of men, women and children along with some toys and games.

Time to say Thank You to the Donors- Your support is all we need

The generous donors had donated us clothes and many more things to foster the basic necessity of the poor and thanked us for saying that it is an extremely good deed that we are doing. It has always been a whisk experience to see the smiles on the faces of the underprivileged people. This noble gesture of our donors not only helps us in donating more but also helps us to see the brighter aspect of donation campaigns. We felt privileged to have our generous donors visiting our office, especially for the giveaway.

We believe in nurturing the future of individuals and would be glad if you want to to share your contribution. Please contact us at hr@letsnurture.com if you are an individual that thrives for prosperity of these people like we do. Please contact us for any other information you may need. We would be happy to help you.

Wholehearted Cloth Donation

Posted by Ketan Raval | Society

We have received cloth donation this time from Mr. Udit Hotchandani – Project Manager of Elitecore Technologies Ltd. He step forward for the charity work with few pairs of clothes for men and women.  An overwhelming response in last few months from regular and first time donors has helped many financially deprieved families.

Mr & Mrs Hotchandani
For those who find it hard to manage one time food to pacify their appetite, even the smallest donation mean a lot. LetsNurture salutes Mr. Udit Hotchandani for doing his bit to support the society.

With an idea to abridge the gender gap Mr. Nitin Jain and Mr. Navneet Jain have come forward to lend their support to lesser privileged men and women. It was a thoughtful contribution from them considering the fact that most cloth donations that we have received so far were meant only for men and children.

Nitin Jain and Navneet Jain
Items donated by them include: Men and women clothes, children school bags,  plastic & soft toys, electronic toys and other useful miscellaneous items.

LetsNurture team would like to thank them both for their sincere donation and support.

We are happy to announce that the generous donation of clothes that were entitled to the LetsNurture team for the charity purpose, have been distributed to the lesser priviledged individuals and assisting laborers in the village near South Bopal and in the regions covering the Ghuma gam area.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

As many as fifty laborers have been  benefitted from the generous offerings. Some of the benefitiary laborers are put up behind Bhagvat Bungalow and a handful of others reside near Arohi Bungalows.


It was our priviledge to see the smile and sense of contentment on the face of the receivers.

In the last few months LetsNurture has observed frequent donations from people of Ahmedabad and from the cities across Gujarat.

People have been kind enough in lending their support for the needy in the best possible manner. Some of the donors were able to locate us through our community welfare website www.letsnurture.org and many came in contact with us from the word of mouth hearing from few of our regular donors. Some contributed in the form of toys, whereas others donated wearable clothes and shoes for the underprivileged children and the financially deprived families.

In this financial year end, we have received yet another donation from a noble soul in the form of used clothes and shoes.

Raseek bhai & Family

Mr. Raseek : “I donate every time clothes to my relatives. Now I think I donate Other persons. I Search at Google for donate clothes so First website on it is LetsNurture.org and I see your website and Impress with it & decide to call your team.”

Our team at LetsNurture would like to thank Mr. Raseek Patel, who usually donates wearable clothes all by himself to the actual needy, for trusting LetsNurture in taking forward donation to the right ones.

A word is to a lyricist
A machine is to an engineer
A stethoscope is to a doctor
A toy is to a children.

Toys bring smiles on the faces of children providing them with the entertainment and fun that makes them happy and content.

Our team at LetsNurture would like to thank Mr. Vivek Ponnani for sparing their time to come to our place and donating toys. Thank you sir for your donation and kind consideration.


Almighty has given enough to satisfy all our needs and at times even showered His blessings by providing more than we actually deserve. Some of us realize it and lend their support in whatever possible manner.

With an idea of serving the society, Mr. Atul has considered Lets Nurture.Org as its trusted partner in contributing to social work. Team Lets Nurture, would like to thank you sir for your contribution of old clothes and accessories. We ensure you that it will be used for rightful purpose.

This is the beauty of giving and something that everyone should follow. The satisfaction you receive by giving has no measurement and while you give, you receive more- the unconditional blessings! We found one such beautiful soul in Mrs. Mehra, who lives nearby Grand Bhagwati. The clothes she donated is going to help a few this season. Her kind gesture was well received by the people and the happiness was palpable.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Her selfless act has made a few people happy and that’s what make Lets Nurture happier.

We are thankful to her and hope to see more of it. God bless you!

This philosophy is the thing that keeps humanity going. The world is a big place and certainly it’s not possible for you to serve each and every needy person. But you can feed a few mouths, and be a helping hand to some. Moreover, people who really want to help others will always find their way to reach out the people in need. They won’t wait for a right time, they will make a time right by giving.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Ms. Namita Shrivastav from Vejalpur area is one such Samaritan who reached Lets Nurture to do her part of the charity. Her donation came in the form of clothes. We must say the grin on the faces who received the clothes, was a sight to remember. We are amazingly appreciative for her kind gesture and wish her all the best for the time to come.

The deed of giving forms the very foundation of the world. And thank god, there are people who are always ready to give away with a lot of happiness in their heart! Lets Nurture is proud to be a medium that renders delight to the needy in form of clothes, vessels and other things of necessity. We have been blessed with people around us who offer whatever they like with good will.

Recently, we received a call from Dipti Sharma who was willing to give clothes for the needy. A resident from Shilaj, Ahmedabad, was willing to give away a huge bundle of clothes and accessories for the less fortunate which she carefully packed in boxes.


Cloth Donation from Dipti Sharma


The team Lets Nurture collected clothes from her place and thanked her for the  sincere and heartfelt gesture.

If you too are willing to lend a helping hand, get in touch with us through www.letsnurture.org. Keep donating and bring a smile on he faces of necessitous!