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Last week, on 11th of October, UN announced it to be the international girl child day. The focus is to strengthen the possibilities of female children’s right to education, well being, protection and guidance as and when needed.

This effort makes sense, around the same time when a pakistani teenage girl advocating girls’ education was shot fatally by taliban gunmen. She is stable but unconscious yet! And the gunmen are yet to be arrested.

On the other hand, we hear/ read news almost everyday about the never ending chain of rape and gang-rape cases, specially in India. Well, Haryana has recorded around 60 rape cases per month in 2011, statistics say. Then the khap panchayat had made a suggestion earlier of reducing the age for girls for marriage, even younger than 18 years – the official marriageable age!! And they had to say, that this is how it was done in Mughals’ era to honor women! (well, food for thought!)

We know it’s not the case with just Haryana. MP, Delhi, Assam, etc. they are competitors when it comes to rape cases, just to name a few. The numbers have been increasing dramatically in last few years than never before.

On the same note, India has been declared as one of the leading countries in practicing child marriages. Well, almost 50% of the marriages are recorded as under-age marriages. And to our surprise, in this developing world, where awareness to these social issues is being induced by different NGOs or some government events, from the statistics point of view, the numbers are only going to increase for child marriages!!

One of the very strong points to mention here is the social pressure that the females undergo in cases of rape or forced child marriages. In hisar gang rape case, the father of the 16 year old female committed suicide. possibility of rise of such situations also don’t let the sexually assaulted females to come out in public and report their complaints.

Well, as of now the only solution is to try to grow and spread awareness about women’s and girls’ rights as much as possible. If you come across or hear about some violence against females, rather than avoiding the issue as some news, you could try to help them, support them, or whatever little contribution you can afford, would be of great help to society in general!

Please pen down your opinion / suggestions about this. We would be glad to hear from many of you!

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