Posted by Ketan Raval | Society


“Few things just happens .. you do not need to put an extra effort”

this is what happened with me and Mr. Arbindo  ( Mr.Arbindo correct me if I am wrong ) he called me on Monday and told that he wanted to donate some clothes in our organization.  During a conversation, we shared that we take old toys / old books and other stuff also. Logistic & time is a very big problem when you want to do social work. I personally try to meet everyone as this is something I want to do from my inner within. But it is not always possible. This is what happened this time. I thought to send someone to get these clothes but eventually it did not happen, finally, I thought I will drive by and will get it from Mr.Arbindo’s home which is near to Ambawadi.


Mr. Arbindo prepared 2 boxes with clearly mentioned one for children and one for grownups and sent a person to our office at ghatlodia. It was really a good moment for me when I have checked well organized two boxes.  Most of my family time went on churning these stuff when someone donates clothes.  So this time my wife got happy as well that she will not be punished because of my social work J