We would like to express our gratitude towards Mr. & Mrs. Srivastav for clothes donation. While everyone is busy with their lives and doesn’t have time to worry about anything else, Mr. and Mrs. Srivastav made good use of the google found Lets Nurture.Org and contacted us to make the donation. We were only happy to reach their residence and receive the bundle of the clothes.

Needless to say, it was a good feeling to connect with them. A couple who is always keen to help the people in one or other way and we really appreciate this thing.

We are highly thankful to them for their kind gesture and wish them a healthy and beautiful life ahead.
Keep giving, keep smiling!

This is the beauty of giving and something that everyone should follow. The satisfaction you receive by giving has no measurement and while you give, you receive more- the unconditional blessings! We found one such beautiful soul in Mrs. Mehra, who lives nearby Grand Bhagwati. The clothes she donated is going to help a few this season. Her kind gesture was well received by the people and the happiness was palpable.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Her selfless act has made a few people happy and that’s what make Lets Nurture happier.

We are thankful to her and hope to see more of it. God bless you!

This philosophy is the thing that keeps humanity going. The world is a big place and certainly it’s not possible for you to serve each and every needy person. But you can feed a few mouths, and be a helping hand to some. Moreover, people who really want to help others will always find their way to reach out the people in need. They won’t wait for a right time, they will make a time right by giving.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Ms. Namita Shrivastav from Vejalpur area is one such Samaritan who reached Lets Nurture to do her part of the charity. Her donation came in the form of clothes. We must say the grin on the faces who received the clothes, was a sight to remember. We are amazingly appreciative for her kind gesture and wish her all the best for the time to come.

No matter how small or little the value of donation is, the gesture in itself is worth mentioning. Contributions and charity play an important part of a human’s life. No one has ever become poor by giving!Moreover, the joy that the receiver gains is priceless. We, at www.letsnurture.org, have always practiced spreading the joy of donating to the less privileged people in the society. And as they, charity sees the need and not the cause, we make sure we help the needy without waiting for a cause.

Dr Sanjeev Varshney, Clothes, Donor, Doctor

Dr Sanjeev Varshney got in touch with us as he wished to contribute towards the less fortunate people by donating some clothes. We welcomed him to our office premise and gladly accepted the bundle of clothes he brought along with him. We chatted about the ills of society and the problems these class of people face due to lack of support.

If you think you have clothes that won’t fit you or anybody in your family, please get in touch with us for these noble deeds. Contact us at  or mail us at info@letsnurture.com

The scorching heat of the summers can drain the life out of a person. The lesser privileged neither have the shade over their heads nor proper clothes to cover them up from the burning sun. Most of us tend to ignore the plight of the less unfortunate as we are too busy fighting our own battles. However, we always have angels lending the helping hands and messengers helping them in their noble work. Lets Nurture.org has always believed itself to be a helping hand which reaches to the needy in all the ways possible.

Ms Mohini, Clothes, Donor, London

Ms Mohini reached out to us recently with a desire to donate few of her belongings. She eagerly came down to our premise with bags full of clothes and umbrellas. She belongs to London and is moving back to her place, so she decided to donate the clothes that do not fit her anymore. What a wonderful gesture! We thank her wholeheartedly not only for donating clothes but also for the thoughtful charity done by way of donating umbrellas which would help the needy in the summers and the coming monsoons.

If you have clothes or other usable belongings lying around, don’t throw them away. Be the angel and donate! Reach to us at letsnurture.org or write to us at info@letsnurture.com.

God has truly blessed us with several things in life. A shelter to be able to sleep calmly and food to satisfy our hunger. And when these things are made available to us easily, we forget to be thankful to him for whatever we have. One of the most chosen ways to thank god is indulging into charity. Lets Nurture.Org has always been proud to support charities in any form and has provided support to the needful.

Deepa Sharma - Cloth donation

We recently received a call from Deepa Sandeep Bansal, a resident from Chandkheda area and she expressed her desire to donate clothes through us. In few hours, our team reached her residence. As soon as we reached there, she had readied boxes of clothes for kids and adults. She also donated a brand new blanket which provides a great relief during windy nights. Lets Nurture.Org heartily thanks Deepa Sandeep Bansal for her sweetest gesture.

If you have belongings which have been lying around unused or clothes that you don’t use anymore, get in touch with LetsNurture now!

When you sleep inside your warm and comfortable soft linens, you probably don’t think about the children who sleep without anything to cover themselves. Or does your heart go out to the elderly who shiver all night anticipating the warmth of sun? The answer is probably yes. But being gheraoed by our own problems, we often forget to indulge into the joy of giving.

Every year at Lets Nurture.org, we experience the joy of Christmas season in a way which is a bit different as compared to others. It involves offering  food, toys and clothes to the needful and receiving their blessings for our organization to grow. Of course, to be able to give more. And the volunteers were none other than the employees of Lets Nurture along with the nurturer himself.

Donations galore

An announcement about the charity event to be held on 21st December was made beforehand. And in no time, the office started overflowing with piles and bundles of clothes including sweaters, jackets, hats, trousers, t-shirts, clothes for children and more. Such huge was the amount of clothes that we had to store some of them in the passage outside the office. Amit, Viral, Dhaval, Nikunj, Pratik Priyank, Atul, Kashyap, Mittal, Piyush, Hitesh, Krunal, Dhruv, Siddhraj, Yashpal and many others donated clothes whole heartedly and with all their love. As there were a lot of attires to give away, the employees were asked to carry a couple of clothes along with them and distribute them in their respective areas.

Distributing love and warmth

A quote by Winston Churchil says “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” Following the same philosophy, our employees headed out to different areas of Ahmedabad. Priyank, Dhruv and Jignesh covered areas like S.G. Highway and Vastrapur, Pratik chose to distribute clothes at Ranip area of Ahmedabad, Hitesh, Siddhraj and Krunal spread the Christmas magic at areas like Naranpura, Bodakdev and Gurukul whereas Yashpal distributed some clothes near the Ghatlodia area. The nurturer too, indulged into a lot of cloth distribution at various places. What followed was fun, clicking selfies and showers of blessings.


Spreading Smiles

As the employees wanted to keep it fair, they decided to distribute the clothes evenly amongst all the family members that resided near railway lines, slums and several other places. And what happens when you treat a hawker selling traditional Indian snack named chana jor garam with clothes? You get a free treat of the delicious snack too! Jokes apart, when he received clothes to protect himself from cold, he was overwhelmed and truly grateful to the boys.

However, we also learnt that being poor doesn’t mean letting go of your dignity. There were several instances wherein the poor denied accepting clothes saying that they had enough to cover themselves and were satisfied with what they had. Overall, it was a great experience and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all felt like a Santa Clause that day.

If you have clothes lying at the back of your closet that you do not wear any more, please don’t dispose them off. They could bring a lot of happiness in the lives of children and elderly. Help us to nurture lives. Visit www.letsnurture.org or write to us on info@letsnurture.com. Let’s donate, Lets Nurture!

There are so many attires that keep lying in the corner of your cupboard and you don’t even care about them. That t-shirt you wore as a teenager which doesn’t fit you any more or that sweater which is lying in the extreme corner of your closet unused. During winters, when we sleep in the comfortable rugs and soft linen sheets, the poor yearn even for ample amount of clothes to cover themselves properly.

Jhanvi Pandya

Jhanvi Pandya & Her Family

Thank god there are ways in which you can donate the attires and other essentials to the less fortunate. Lets Nurture always loves to be a part of such ventures and has been proud to be a medium between the donors and the needy. Recently, we were approached by Jhanvi Pandya, who is an NRI based in London. As she was visiting India and her hometown Gandhinagar, she gave us a call with the willingness to donate clothes for the less fortunate.

In no time, our volunteers reached her place and received the bags of clothes that she had gathered for donating. The clothes were of several sizes and will definitely bring a smile on the faces of the ones who receive it. In today’s world, such whole-heartedness is rarely found. Lets Nurture is really thankful to Ms. Jhanvi Pandya for showing this wonderful gesture. Keep donating!

You can’t get people to care for a particular cause. It is an innate quality. Especially when it comes to donating or doing charity. Lets Nurture.Org is one such institution that loves to get associated with such people and become a medium of indulging into good deeds.

Before some days, we got a call from one such enthusiastic donor who was willing to give clothes for the needy. His name was Manoj Lalwani. As we sent one of our staff members to collect the clothes, he provided him with loads and loads of clothes packed in boxes. As a return note of thanks, we expressed our desire to click his picture which he denied. 🙁

Manoj Lalwani Cloth Donation








It is said that when we donate with our right hand, even the left hand shouldn’t know. Such were the intentions of Manoj that we were truly overwhelmed! Lets Nurtur hereby expresses  it’s deepest gratitude towards Manoj Lalwani, one of the most genuine donors we have ever come across!

When Gandhiji started wearing scanty clothes on his body, he had said that until every citizen of my country doesn’t get enough clothes to wear, I will dress in the most minimal way. It is quite unfortunate that some people in India are not able to cope with the most basic need of life which is: Clothing.


Lets Nurture apart from being an IT firm, has been working hands in hands with the people having a good will to donate. Recently, we were approached by Sharma family that expressed a wish to donate clothes. And when we reached their home for collecting clothes, we were surprised with the amount of boxes. There were around 8 boxes full of clothes. Inspite of being a small family consisting of 3 members, they had a huge heart that enabled us to fulfill the necessities of the needy. Mr K.K Sharma, Mrs Vibha Sharma and Ms Pramiti Sharma, you have no idea how much your gesture means to us! Here’s a shout out and a huge note of thanks to you!



If you too, are willing to donate clothes, toys, house hold items or anything else that can come of help, feel free to get in touch with us at the earliest. We promise you that they will reach to the less fortunate at the right time!