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No matter how small or little the value of donation is, the gesture in itself is worth mentioning. Contributions and charity play an important part of a human’s life. No one has ever become poor by giving!Moreover, the joy that the receiver gains is priceless. We, at, have always practiced spreading the joy of donating to the less privileged people in the society. And as they, charity sees the need and not the cause, we make sure we help the needy without waiting for a cause.

Dr Sanjeev Varshney, Clothes, Donor, Doctor

Dr Sanjeev Varshney got in touch with us as he wished to contribute towards the less fortunate people by donating some clothes. We welcomed him to our office premise and gladly accepted the bundle of clothes he brought along with him. We chatted about the ills of society and the problems these class of people face due to lack of support.

If you think you have clothes that won’t fit you or anybody in your family, please get in touch with us for these noble deeds. Contact us at  or mail us at