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The scorching heat of the summers can drain the life out of a person. The lesser privileged neither have the shade over their heads nor proper clothes to cover them up from the burning sun. Most of us tend to ignore the plight of the less unfortunate as we are too busy fighting our own battles. However, we always have angels lending the helping hands and messengers helping them in their noble work. Lets has always believed itself to be a helping hand which reaches to the needy in all the ways possible.

Ms Mohini, Clothes, Donor, London

Ms Mohini reached out to us recently with a desire to donate few of her belongings. She eagerly came down to our premise with bags full of clothes and umbrellas. She belongs to London and is moving back to her place, so she decided to donate the clothes that do not fit her anymore. What a wonderful gesture! We thank her wholeheartedly not only for donating clothes but also for the thoughtful charity done by way of donating umbrellas which would help the needy in the summers and the coming monsoons.

If you have clothes or other usable belongings lying around, don’t throw them away. Be the angel and donate! Reach to us at or write to us at