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There are so many attires that keep lying in the corner of your cupboard and you don’t even care about them. That t-shirt you wore as a teenager which doesn’t fit you any more or that sweater which is lying in the extreme corner of your closet unused. During winters, when we sleep in the comfortable rugs and soft linen sheets, the poor yearn even for ample amount of clothes to cover themselves properly.

Jhanvi Pandya

Jhanvi Pandya & Her Family

Thank god there are ways in which you can donate the attires and other essentials to the less fortunate. Lets Nurture always loves to be a part of such ventures and has been proud to be a medium between the donors and the needy. Recently, we were approached by Jhanvi Pandya, who is an NRI based in London. As she was visiting India and her hometown Gandhinagar, she gave us a call with the willingness to donate clothes for the less fortunate.

In no time, our volunteers reached her place and received the bags of clothes that she had gathered for donating. The clothes were of several sizes and will definitely bring a smile on the faces of the ones who receive it. In today’s world, such whole-heartedness is rarely found. Lets Nurture is really thankful to Ms. Jhanvi Pandya for showing this wonderful gesture. Keep donating!