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You can’t get people to care for a particular cause. It is an innate quality. Especially when it comes to donating or doing charity. Lets Nurture.Org is one such institution that loves to get associated with such people and become a medium of indulging into good deeds.

Before some days, we got a call from one such enthusiastic donor who was willing to give clothes for the needy. His name was Manoj Lalwani. As we sent one of our staff members to collect the clothes, he provided him with loads and loads of clothes packed in boxes. As a return note of thanks, we expressed our desire to click his picture which he denied. 🙁

Manoj Lalwani Cloth Donation








It is said that when we donate with our right hand, even the left hand shouldn’t know. Such were the intentions of Manoj that we were truly overwhelmed! Lets Nurtur hereby expresses  it’s deepest gratitude towards Manoj Lalwani, one of the most genuine donors we have ever come across!