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‘Do good and good will come to you’ they say. And most of the people believe that. But all the time, charity isn’t for boosting one’s own ego and feeling good about the good deeds. There are people who believe in selfless gestures and give away all that they can for the needy,


Mira Joshi, one of the residents of Usmanpura area of Ahmedabad approached Lets Nurture for giving away some clothes and do the good for the poor. Our staff visited her place for collecting 9 bags of clothes that she offered to donate through us. We are truly grateful to Mira Joshi for her warm gesture. Here’s a note of huge thanks to her!


Cloth Donation by Meera Joshi



You too, can donate everything and anything that you find worth donating and get in touch with Lets Nurture Org. Lets Nurture lives of the needy!