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10 Min !?!? How much impact Hyderabad terrorist attack has made  in your life? In My life not more than 10 min. I do not know what to write but I would definitely emphasize that terrorism is not as terrifying as short-lived memory of Indian People.

Even this post is just inspired by my friend Asmi , she told me in skype to write something about Hydrabad Attack.  I felt ashamed about myself and felt respect for  her that at least she reminded me J.  Our tendencies to get busy is shocking, I wonder  we can take this as positive as well 🙂 even terrorists are now worried that you can not make any big impact on Indian Mentality by having serial bomb blasts nowadays. ( In fact now it seems we are very much adopted with these things).  Anyway Whenever I have problem, My brain starts finding solutions.. I can not accept problem as it comes. I give my best chances to fight & get solution. So here is my thoughts on how we can fight against Terrorism.

What we should do to fight against terrorism?

Find a Weakest People & Nurture Them

I  learned one good lesson during my professional career that always “remember you’re  as strong as weakest person in your team”. There is surely a weak person in our own team, we need to identify them (Group of People, Class of People, Breed of People who can be easily manipulated) and have to nurture them.  It’s very difficult to fight with internal terrorism. We need to break this system. Motivating people to do right thing instead of terrifying them with laws & 3rd Degree Punishment can do it. create more employment for all class of people. Let people get job in all sectors regardless of cast & religion.

Increase use of Technology

If we start using technology more there are more chances to make our country safer. We must take responsibility for installing CCTV on private premises & enforce / demand government to install it on highways & high-density public spots.  Installing Security camera reduces a huge amount of security threat. More CCTV in India, less crime in India. What do you say?

Build Trust in Communities

Will you kill someone for the sake of little money if you are satisfied with the nature of your government/authority. If we respect all kind of religion & if try to give equal chances to everyone, I do not think someone can take benefit of our non-secularism behavior.

People have to wake up & do their duty

We often blame the government for everything. But India One thing is very sure everyone breaks rules every day. The system can perform well only when you are systematically asking them to perform. We have corruption in our mind which we should clarify. We should come forward and build a society where we think little about “I and think more about “We”

Terrorism is not a War

You cannot say that terrorism is a war. It is just like taking leverage of weak Society.  I personally believe terrorism is an acceptance that one can not fight a war & one cannot even show face (that simply means terrorist themselves are terrified) Our focus should be on building a strong society which can only focus on development, not anything else…

I hope I have made some good points J . We must focus on building a strong society (a strong society in will power, strong society in transparency)