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It is said that eventhough charity begins at home, it shouldn’t end there. And when there are organizations like Lets Nurture to support, it can never end! All this is possible due to god’s grace and the wholeheartedness of the donors who regularly support us by donating clothes, finances and other things for the less fortunate.

Despite of being quite busy with our IT firm, we have been quite active when it comes to doing good for the society. And we are lucky to get in touch with the like-minded people who find out about us through the medium of internet.

Bundles of Attires


Mr. Varunsingh Rathore, a renowned Agro Chemical entrepreneur came to know about our company and shared his wish to donate clothes for the poor through us. As soon as we expressed our delight for the same, he arrived with 6 bags of clothes suitable for the children and adults of different ages.

He said that he and his extended family members showed willingness for giving away some clothes and we could feel the happiness that he felt in giving away many clothes as a part of his charity gesture!

A Note Of Thanks:

Here’s a note of gratitude to Mr. Varunsingh Rathore and his family members. Without his support, this wouldn’t have been possible. He will be responsible for bringing smiles on the faces of several families of the unfortunate.

Live long charity!