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Pratik-BhansaliThis post was due from last month… Last month Me and my wife went to visit my friend Pratik Bhansali‘s Home ( Once in a month we do this)  during talk he shared one thought provoking incident about condition of below poverty line people in India. His instant action has prompted me to write about his good deed ( I am pretty sure he will never even come across this blog post )

He went to Shani Temple opp. SAL Hospital at Ahmedabad.. while returning back he found one lady laying down on the corner of road .. when he drove near by her . Pratik found that lady has just given birth probably just a few hours or just a day before.. her child was  suffering with her without any food / medication.  I was just shocked when he shared this thing with me .. But Thank god that Pratik had little human still left in his soul.. he promptly told his wife to prepare some healthy food for that lady & came back and gave food to that lady…

I am pretty sure Pratik on that day you saved two lives & also inspired many more souls to do the same..  I had already decided that I will write this incident here and finally today this post is here.. 🙂

India is full of poor people and reach people ..  but this country needs help from common man… my appeal to everyone is to think beyond being capitalist .. think beyond fame.. think beyond career ..  there are lot of things you can do .. and there are lot of things which can make you better human being..