Posted by Ketan Raval | Society

When it comes to the joy of giving, we are reminded of a quote by Mother Teresa which says “It’s not how much we give; but how much love we put into giving.” Before few months, the authorities at Lets Nurture experienced the same.

Tejal Chopra, a wonderful blogger from Sydney who has her family in Ahmedabad, got in touch with the authorities at Lets Nurture and expressed her wish to donate clothes for the needy. As she was in Sydney and her parents were old, she was not able to come to us to provide with the box of clothes. But despite her presence, she made sure that her boxful of goodwill reaches the needy in the form of clothes.

She got in touch with the authorities but as they were busy pertaining to the hectic schedules, they were not able to respond on time. However, Tejal kept in touch and made sure that the clothes reach the poverty-stricken people on time. We really appreciate Tejal’s willingness to reach out for the poor despite of being so far and express our gratitude for the same. Kudos to her charity spirit! Keep donating and experience the real joy of giving!

We would like to thank Jignesh Thanks for getting things done.