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When we talk of basic needs, we say food, cloth and shelter. Whilst counting the development subjects of the rural population clothing is not listed as a subject. We think of clothes during disasters only. Why a basic need of entire human kind is treated as disaster relief material?

LetsNurture is using under utilised cloth & other old material as a powerful & proven tool for social change. Since last few years, LetsNurture has been thriving to contribute towards the betterment of the underprivileged. And with this initiative, the team of LetsNurture collect old clothes from modest donors from across the city, state and even country. We are glad to have few contributors from abroad as well.

Our generous donors

We receive plentiful of clothes, books and other necessary items likes stationary and tiffin boxes, from heartful people every month. This noble gesture of our donors not only helps us in donating more but also helps us to see the brighter aspect of donation campaigns.

generous donors

Our very indulgent donor Sanjit Kumar Sahoo donated clothes and shoes to LetsNurture. We then headed to ‘Tithari’ village near Ghuma, Ahmedabad. An overwhelming response in last few months from regular and first time donors has helped many financially deprived families.

generous donors

You can contribute too!

We run a thrift online shop the proceeds of which go to the underprivileged. You can buy items like coffee mug, t-shirt and a diary from any part of the world.

We believe in nurturing the future of individuals and would be glad if you want to share your contribution. Please contact us at if you are an individual that thrives for the prosperity of these people like we do. Do visit our website for further details.