Posted by Ketan Raval | Society

You must have a huge heart to give away what you have. Fortunately, our world is blessed with people who give away wholeheartedly. Lets lends a hand of help to the people with good will. In spite of being an IT firm, we have managed to take care of the donations and charities for the less fortunate.

Thank you Kashmira!

Recently, Kashmira Gandhi from Ahmedabad approached the nurturer with a wish to donate clothes to the institution. When one of our helpers reached to her place she didn’t oblige with one or two but three clothes of attires of all colors and sizes. We were more than happy to receive this sincere gesture in the form of clothes. Here’s expressing her our heartfelt gratitude. It means a lot to us Ms. Kashmira! We will see to it that these clothes are received by the ones who deserve it.