Almighty has given enough to satisfy all our needs and at times even showered His blessings by providing more than we actually deserve. Some of us realize it and lend their support in whatever possible manner.

With an idea of serving the society, Mr. Atul has considered Lets Nurture.Org as its trusted partner in contributing to social work. Team Lets Nurture, would like to thank you sir for your contribution of old clothes and accessories. We ensure you that it will be used for rightful purpose.


We would like to extend our gratitude towards Ms. Abha Jaiman who has recently donated clothes to Lets Nurture Organization. She found us on google and called us to take things further.
We are always happy to meet people like her who share thoughts like our organization do, helping people.

Kindness speaks no language and this is what connects us to people who are always ready to help others and find ways to reach them.

We again thank her for her kindness and wish her all the best in life. Keep Smiling.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Ananya Singh for their kind gesture. We are glad that she could find us on Google, and connect to us through Lets Nurture Organization.


We were pleasantly surprised when she chose to drop in our office to give her share of donation, indeed it was a pleasure meeting her and sharing thoughts on the same line.

We were more than happy to receive her donation in form of the clothes which were later distributed to the families nearby who were happy to have some ‘new’ clothes!

Education, Health, Nutrition, economic & social empowerment, Justice and equality, equality of opportunity, right to property, protection against domestic violence, dowry prohibition protection from sexual harassment etc.. are the various issues in front of the welfare of Women and Children. The government has always focussed in the areas that bring gender quality and enhances the overall development of women especially in education, socio-economic empowerment.

Here is the list of various initiatives undertaken by Gujarat Govt. for the welfare of the women and child.

Fish entrepreneur Yojna:

For: SC/ST women.

Facilities: On Rs. 10,000 unit cost to buy weighing machines, insulated boxes 50% assistance is given. Training is provided for the growth of Zingo fishes under 10 days course with 100/- scholarship.

Krishi Talim Yojana:

Training:– The scheme is for all rural women and farmer’s wife to learn the use of latest technology.

Facilities:- They are paid the stipend and transportation cost for the training period.

Sakhi Mandal Yojna:

For:- Poor rural women to strengthen their livelihood by the formation of self-help group based on thrift and credit principles.

Facilities:- Finance is provided to catalyse the process of economic development to ensure the welfare of women, skills development, and the widening framework of micro finance development.

Nari Adalat:

“By Women for Women”. Cases of divorces, abandonment, violence, rape and dowry are taken in Nari Adalat. This is not a state’s legal forum and run by Para legal authority that solve the cases faster than the normal judicial system. The inaccessibility, finance, time and unfamiliarity with the legal system sometimes make women vulnerable and devoid of justice, but here a woman can get speedy and cost effective solutions.

Chiranjeevi Yojana:

This is to encourage institutional delivery in BPL families.
Facilities: Financial assistance (Rs.200) is provided & also covers the out of pocket cost for the transportation along with the provision of Rs. 50 to the attendant. It also provides the financial assistance to the attendant for the loss of wages.

Mahila Vruddh Ashram:

This is for the women who are abandoned by their children. Old age homes for such destitute are provided. Exclusive women’s old age home is constructed with an exclusive existing home at Jamnagar.
Sath Phera Samuh lagan Yojna: For SC families having an annual income of 11,000, and for minimum five couple, this scheme is initiated. The couple gets 5000 in the form of Narmada Shreeneedhi certificate along with merit certificate. For organising the marriage, a sum of 10,000 is given.

Kunverbai nu mameru:

For daughters of SC, having an annual income of 11,000. For first daughter’s marriage, they can avail Rs.5000 and Rs.2000 is given to girl’s parents/guardian and 3000 to the girl in the form of Kisan vikas patra.

Saraswati Sadhna Yojna:

For SC girls cycles are provided through this scheme. A sum of Rs. 500 is given to buy a bicycle for girls below 8th grade. For students in elementary & high school food and lodging are provided free of cost.
Vidhya Sahay and Talim Yojna: For women between 18-40 years who have lost their husbands, this is the scheme for their empowerment and improvement of economic living conditions. Rs. 3000 is given under Manav Garima yojna to help them to be self reliant. Monetary help by application is given to the women (Rs. 500) and Rs. 80 (per child) every month through the post office.

Swayamsiddhi Yojana:

An integrated project for development and empowerment of women, an overall development of women – social, economic and cultural is initiated by providing them with the resources through a sustained process of mobilization and amalgamation of all current projects, with its focus on community oriented innovations, group formation, building knowledge and mobilization of activities.

Kishori Shakti Yojana:

It is a scheme for girls between 11-18 years. It is a part of ICDS scheme, implemented through Anganwadi centres in both urban and rural. The group of ten girls between the ages of 11-18 are provided health checkups by the Anganwadi centres. They are also provided with literacy skills, knowledge about the health care and decision-making skills. Home based and vocational skills, awareness on health, hygiene, nutrition, family welfare, home management and child care guidance with measures to facilitate marrying after marriage age of 18 years. They are encouraged for productive and constructive activities for themselves and family.

Balika Samruddhi Yojana:

This is an initiative where the focus is to change the attitude of community towards the girl child and to improve the enrolment and retention of girl’s child in school, raise the age of marriage for girls. This is basically for the overall development of a girl child. The newborn girl’s parents can open the bank account in any nationalized bank or post office with a sum of Rs.500 (for the girl born after 15th August 97’). A sum of Rs.300 to Rs.1000 is added to their account. The girl gets the money when she turns 18 or about to get married.

Gaurav Neeti:

This is an initiative to create awareness about the social-economic and educational sector of women and benefit them, through the development in all its Administrative Departments of women and benefit them through the policy by active involvement of department for timely modus operandi. It consists of action plans and monitoring mechanisms and addresses public as well as private sectors. The autonomous Gender Resource Centre provides technical inputs in implementation and monitoring of the policy at State level. Working groups are formed and a series of deliberations take place on all aspects of gender equity and equality.

Beti Bachao – Matru Vandana Yatra:

With the skewed sex ratio of 919/1000 it’s shameful on our society how we see girl child. We need to mend our thoughts before it’s too late. Our Chief Minister launched this scheme on the occasion of Int’l Women’s day in 2005. Gender resource centre, an autonomous body, was an active partner of the campaign involved in documentation and publication with the aim to change the perception of the society in general on this issue.

The aim of the WCD is to work towards the gender equality, empower women socially and economically and provide them an environment safe for their survival. Also, we as a community have to initiate, and participate to educate and bring our women at par with men if we are looking towards a brighter future.

The WCD operates under important functionaries:

  • Commissionerate of Women And Child Development
  • Directorate of Social Defence
  • Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. (GWEDCL)
  • Gujarat State Commission For Women
  • Gender Resource Center (Autonomous)
  • Central Social Welfare Board


If you fall in the second category then be thankful to the almighty and keep doing it.
It’s not that one need to be really rich to come forward and be a helping hand to lesser fortunate ones; it’s just that one needs a big heart and willingness to do play their part. And with this beautiful aim Lets Nurture organization keeps its spirit high and keeps on serving the society. We love this feeling of giving and very much thankful to the lovely people out there who keep finding their way to us and keep donating, giving us strength and motivation.

Few days ago we went ahead and brought smiles on the faces of people of Vastrapur and S.G.Highway area, where our employees – Milan & Pradeep went for clothes donation. It was good to see the enthusiastic kids, choosy women and some undemanding folks who were much happier to interact with us.

Cloth distribution to needy people

The warmth in the smile and hope in the eyes is always palpable. There is always fun and emotions both at a same place. While at Vastrapur we could find women choosing the clothes for themselves (almost engrossed) and not even looking at the clothes meant for men, one of our employees, Milan asked them if there were no men in their houses, they looked at him, giggled and responded in unison, ”of course, there are men, why wouldn’t be? They are all away at work”. We laughed at their quick response and asked them to select few clothes for the men too.

It’s always a delight to see people coming forward and appreciate us for what we do. What else we need?

We would like to express our gratitude towards Mr. & Mrs. Srivastav for clothes donation. While everyone is busy with their lives and doesn’t have time to worry about anything else, Mr. and Mrs. Srivastav made good use of the google found Lets Nurture.Org and contacted us to make the donation. We were only happy to reach their residence and receive the bundle of the clothes.

Needless to say, it was a good feeling to connect with them. A couple who is always keen to help the people in one or other way and we really appreciate this thing.

We are highly thankful to them for their kind gesture and wish them a healthy and beautiful life ahead.
Keep giving, keep smiling!

This is the beauty of giving and something that everyone should follow. The satisfaction you receive by giving has no measurement and while you give, you receive more- the unconditional blessings! We found one such beautiful soul in Mrs. Mehra, who lives nearby Grand Bhagwati. The clothes she donated is going to help a few this season. Her kind gesture was well received by the people and the happiness was palpable.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Her selfless act has made a few people happy and that’s what make Lets Nurture happier.

We are thankful to her and hope to see more of it. God bless you!

This philosophy is the thing that keeps humanity going. The world is a big place and certainly it’s not possible for you to serve each and every needy person. But you can feed a few mouths, and be a helping hand to some. Moreover, people who really want to help others will always find their way to reach out the people in need. They won’t wait for a right time, they will make a time right by giving.

Cloth Donation Ahmedabad

Ms. Namita Shrivastav from Vejalpur area is one such Samaritan who reached Lets Nurture to do her part of the charity. Her donation came in the form of clothes. We must say the grin on the faces who received the clothes, was a sight to remember. We are amazingly appreciative for her kind gesture and wish her all the best for the time to come.

No matter how small or little the value of donation is, the gesture in itself is worth mentioning. Contributions and charity play an important part of a human’s life. No one has ever become poor by giving!Moreover, the joy that the receiver gains is priceless. We, at, have always practiced spreading the joy of donating to the less privileged people in the society. And as they, charity sees the need and not the cause, we make sure we help the needy without waiting for a cause.

Dr Sanjeev Varshney, Clothes, Donor, Doctor

Dr Sanjeev Varshney got in touch with us as he wished to contribute towards the less fortunate people by donating some clothes. We welcomed him to our office premise and gladly accepted the bundle of clothes he brought along with him. We chatted about the ills of society and the problems these class of people face due to lack of support.

If you think you have clothes that won’t fit you or anybody in your family, please get in touch with us for these noble deeds. Contact us at  or mail us at

The scorching heat of the summers can drain the life out of a person. The lesser privileged neither have the shade over their heads nor proper clothes to cover them up from the burning sun. Most of us tend to ignore the plight of the less unfortunate as we are too busy fighting our own battles. However, we always have angels lending the helping hands and messengers helping them in their noble work. Lets has always believed itself to be a helping hand which reaches to the needy in all the ways possible.

Ms Mohini, Clothes, Donor, London

Ms Mohini reached out to us recently with a desire to donate few of her belongings. She eagerly came down to our premise with bags full of clothes and umbrellas. She belongs to London and is moving back to her place, so she decided to donate the clothes that do not fit her anymore. What a wonderful gesture! We thank her wholeheartedly not only for donating clothes but also for the thoughtful charity done by way of donating umbrellas which would help the needy in the summers and the coming monsoons.

If you have clothes or other usable belongings lying around, don’t throw them away. Be the angel and donate! Reach to us at or write to us at