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The infatuation with toys is a never-ending one. By gods grace we are blessed that our kids are privileged with such pleasure. Seeing a child play with a toy gives us grin on the face and it hurts equally seeing children who are not so blessed.

Toys Distribution to Aaganvadi

Toys Distribution to Aaganvadi

Lets Nurture have started an initiative to make sure that no kid should be deprived from the pleasure of playing with toys.It is in such needy times when people like Ms. Divya & Ms. Parul restores our faith in humanity. Teaching at Lakshya International School, they made sure to deliver smiles along with education. Going an extra mile to keep these kids happy, speaks a lot about such personalities. With their donation & Lets Nurture’s helping hand, the kids of Angadwani Ghatlodiya and near by slums, will have a smile in their face for a very long time.


It’s amazing how god sends angels!