Posted by Ketan Raval | Society

Hello , Major Chauhan. this is my thank you note and appology note for not being helpful when you wanted.. I was unable to come to Bharuch and collect clothes that you wanted to donate. I had promised that I will be coming but as I mentioned in call I have been busy lately some work and could not make it up to Bharuch.

To All readers of this blog.. Major Chauhan is working somewhere in Bharuch and had called me to come and be their guest. He has done great social work and have collected lots and lots of clothes from his office friends and society. He has promised me that if I can not come he will send all clothes to my Office. I am really great full to Major Chauhan.

This is one more time thank you note for the people who has put trust one me.. and my organization. During last 12 months I have received plenty of clothes without event seeing each other.. Thank you a girl from Patna, Thank you very much a journalist from Bangalore and Thank you so many ladies of Ahmedabad for donating clothes and toys for under privileged kids..

No , we do not maintain names, we do not maintain database or phone numbers.. we do not even keep things at our place more than specific time.. with in 30 days we distribute it to desired people and if we do not find anyone we distribute old donated clothes to some known old age homes and orphanage.

We are doing our bit.. I hope you will keep supporting us…