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Can we donate blood just casually? Can any person of any age group donate blood? Can any person suffering from some ailment donate blood? We all have these type of questions mostly teenagers or young adults who are going to donate blood for the first time. They don’t have the basMINIMUM AGE AND WEIGHT TO DONATE BLOODic awareness of blood donating. There should be awareness of why to donate blood and most importantly when to donate blood. It forms an important part of doing service to humanity even if you are not eligible.


This is the first question a layman or a young adult has in mind about blood donation. What should be the minimum age to donate blood? Why is the minimum age required? What is the minimum weight one should have while donating blood?

Well, for starters, the minimum age for anyone who wants to donate blood has been fixed as 18 years by the government. Why? Because, before 18 years of age, a person is regarded as a child or young persons. Their bodies are developing into healthy bodies and they are under the guidance of their parents or elders. Their minds are not yet developed fully to take independent decisions. The moment a person turns 18 years of age, he is considered to be an Adult, fit enough to take his own decisions and has a fully developed body. Even if a country like India needs blood around 8 million units per year. His body should have a weight of around more then 45 to 50 Kilograms. That helps in fast rebuilding of Blood in the donor’s body after giving blood.


Now that we know about the minimum age, let us go to know the maximum age for adults who want to donate blood. In some countries, the age limit for donating blood goes to 70 or 75, while in countries like India; the age limit is 60 to 62 years. Why is there an age limit? Well, we all know the answers to this question somehow. At this age, a person may have some or the other disease in his body known or unknown to him, his body may not be ready to process new blood that fast resulting in failing health after donating blood. He may face some health problems like nausea, faint or develop other complications. He may also have diabetes or high blood pressure which may make him unhealthy after donating blood. The new blood formation process becomes slow. They face physiological problems.


Other then young children and old persons above age of 60 years, there are some other eligibility criteria for persons who cannot give blood or donate blood. Here are some criteria for those who want to donate blood.