Ageless Body Timeless Mind Book Title: Ageless Body Timeless Mind ..

Author: Deepak Chopra ,

ISBN : 9781844130443

“Deepak  Chopra is one of the most important healers of our time. Ageless body, Timeless Mind is a treasure, Having read this book, I feel younger than when I started it” – Marianne Williamson, Author of A Women’s Worth

Deepak Chopra is an author of 31 best seller books, translated in 35 languages… This book will help you …

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the-first-time-cook-bookThe First Time Cookbook .. Foolproof Recipes For Beginners and Others…..

Author: Janet & Sayeed Rizvi

ISBN: 8172234910

If you are fond of cooking.. and want to try new recipe all the time.. this book will surely help you out.. A must for first-time cooks who had neither the time nor the inclination t learn from their mothers how to manage kitchen and now find themselves as a loss in their little flatlets. Setting up a kitchen, shopping for the store cupboard, peeling an onion or preparing the most delectable meals..if you want to read more recipes.. just drop me an email.

The-Greatness-Guide-Book2(1)-Robin-SharmaBook Title : Greatness Guide 2
Author : Robin Sharma
ISBN: 139788179928141

Robin Sharma is one of the coolest author .. he wrote “The Monk Who sold his ferrari” and “Who will cry when you die” .. and many other best sellers..

What is in this Greatness Guide 2 book?

  • get to world-class at work and in life
  • learn how the best create stunning success
  • find the inspiration, passion and enthusiasm you need to become extraordinary
  • discover happiness and have more fun
  • get through hard times with courage and grace
  • simplify your professional and personal life

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connect-the-dots-bookConnect the dots is one of top selling book of India. Rashmi Bansal is a well known author in India.

Author: Rashmi Bansal

ISBN 978-81-904530-2-8

Rashmi Bansal is one of the leading author on entrepreneur .. there are many other books of Rashmi Bansal which are very very famous.

  • Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, 2008, ISBN 978-81-904530-1-1
  • Connect the Dots, Eklavya Foundation, 2010, ISBN 978-81-904530-2-8
  • I Have a Dream, Westland And Tranquebar Press, 2011, ISBN 978-93-8065-838-4
  • Poor Little Rich Slum, with Deepak Gandhi, Westland, 2012 ISBN 978-93-8162-618-4
  • Follow Every Rainbow, Westland, 2013 ISBN 978-93-8261-842-3

What is in the book Connect The Dots

Connect the dots is based on successful non-MBA Entrepreneurs.. How they succeed in their entrepreneurship..

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Mad and Divine By Sudhir Kakar

Posted by Ketan Raval | Books

Mad-And-Divine-By-Sudhir-KakarI would not say much about this book as I have not read the book. Sudhir Kakar is a well known psychoanalyst.. so his book would not disappoint any one… if you are looking for his book I have it.. 🙂

Booktitle Mad & Divine ..
ISBN: 9780670081608 ..
Author : Sudhir Kakar

Books Sharing

Posted by Ketan Raval | Books

We are starting some open book library here..

where like minded people can contact eachtoher share books or discuss about books…and share their reading experience and if you want to share your books and let knowledge spread please register your books and your location.. Very Soon we will have one page for it.

How Book Sharing Works?

If you are willing to share your books , you can contact us.. we will display list of all your books with your email address / address

What if you want read listed books?

if you want any of listed book you can contact us.. and we will handover to you .. you can read and revert back to us.. based on your identification we might ask for deposit.. which we will return back when you return book.

How Share Your Books & Why Share your books

When I was in college I wanted to refer many books but could not find in library and was not in the position to buy all those books as just for the sake of few pages.. I can not buy all books.. till then I had decided.. whenever I will have position..I will start sharing all my books.. Having Library was my dream but I believe.. we need virtual library instead of having library at single location…

Imagine if we have one “Share Your Books” Concept in each city .. wherever we go we will be able to read books without shedding much money on it.. ( I think publishers will not like my initiative but what else I can do.. you can not make everyone happy right? )